About us

The real reason why we put so much energy into making these clothes is that we really want them to please their owners. We believe that if you treat an object as if it’s a living being, it will become your ally.

For example, you can consider a toy, a car or even your leggings a talisman and believe that they are alive and that they can help you.

Keep believing that they are taking care of you and repeat that from time to time. The same way a physical body can give birth to alike ones, the Soul can do it too. When you think of some object as an animated one, your thought form transforms it into some kind of essence - a phantom which has a 'virtual soul'.

Phantoms are not visible and tangible because they exist only in the metaphysical world. Nevertheless, after their birth they exist objectively and are able, as are any of the thoughtforms, to have an influence on material reality. So, if you wish so, you can animate the objects surrounding you and communicate with them as if they are living creatures.

Treat them kindly, with love, and care, and they will respond in the same way. For instance, if you treat your car as an animate and precious object, it will prevent any accidents from happening.

And when you need to throw away something, do not forget to thank it. Do not worry, once you throw it and forget it, its soul will cease to exist.